5 reasons people move to Mauritius


The Mauritian Property Development Scheme, which allows foreigners to purchase prime real-estate, whilst simultaneously obtaining a Residence Permit, has resulted in a flourishing community of expatriates from around the world. Whether you are considering a change of scene, a shift in your career or simply an adventure, Mauritius is not a place you want to overlook.

1. Year-Round Summer Weather: The island has a classic tropical climate with warm weather all year round. In Winter, between May and October, temperatures drop from hot to balmy. During Summer between November and April, the days are hot and humid.

2. Big Career Prospects: Industries ranging from Finance to Technology are booming. Companies are constantly seeking new talent, making the small island with a flourishing economy a great place to either start a career or conduct business. In fact, Mauritius is ranked 25th out of 190 countries by the World Bank for “Ease of Doing Business,” a ranking that draws entrepreneurs, foreign investment and talent.

3. Affordable Education: The Island boasts a Public School system, accredited international and French schools as well as vocational establishments offering courses including hospitality management. In terms of universities, a wide variety of degrees are offered in partnership with prestigious overseas universities facilitating access to a great education.

4. Bilingualism: Mauritius has two semi-official languages, English and French and Mauritian Creole is spoken across several dialects by all locals. The diversity of languages facilitates business transactions and contributes to a strong cultural aura. Official documents are in English, the press is traditionally in French and Creole is spoken in the streets. It is not uncommon to overhear snippets of conversation in Bhojpuri or Hindi.

5. Life is, quite literally, less taxing: The slower pace of island living, combined with all the facilities the Island has to offer makes for the perfect life/work balance, not to mention a single income tax rate of 15%, no real estate tax and no capital gains tax, Mauritius is on the very limited list of countries with the most advantageous taxation regimes. Thanks to a non-double taxation clause, the tax advantages can be significant.

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